ROBOTIME is a self-paced experiential learning package which helps the students to work on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) concepts through practical, hands on & experiential approach.

Curriculum & Courses:-

Robotime have developed a complete curriculum for all the classes with proper step wise instructions and teaching aids with dedicated worksheets.

Accompanying our robotic hardware, we provide comprehensive teaching resources with content and aids such as lesson plans, worksheets, stories & videos which can be accessed at any time.

Prismart Robotime enhances the ability of students to face challenges and solves problems in a practical way.

Advantages for students:-

  • Building Robots of  own design encourages self-learning.
  • Hands-on learning makes learning a great fun.
  • Generates interest in Science, Mathematics & Programming Subjects
  • Makes students an enthusiastic & imaginative learner through -build, think, apply, play and explore.

Prismart supports STEM Learning

  • Curriculum Linked
  • For grades Nursery –  Class 10
  • 120+ Topics to choose from
  • 450+ Experiments
  • 3D tutorials with every video
  • Well researched content
  • Accurate Guides (Helping books)
  • Detailed explanation before every topic
Vaibhav Anchal

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